What Are The Serti Dials Of Luxury Rolex Replica Watches?

When discussing about the models of Rolex, we always hear many terminologies of the watch brand, such as the Cerachrom, Rolesor, Rolesium, Everose and so on. For many watch lovers, these professional words are meaningless. However, for the watch lovers of Rolex, they mean a lot. But have you ever heard the word of “serti dial” of Rolex? Today I will explain it for you.

The distinctive Rolex GMT-Master is popular among the watches collection industry.

Champagne Dial Rolex Imitation Watch

The word “serti” is originated from the French word “sertissage”, meaning the diamonds engraving. So the serti dial means that the dial has been engraved with the diamonds. Although the Swiss fake Rolex uses this word to represent all the diamonds models, it is referring to all the classic Submariner engraved with diamonds and sapphires, the GMT-Master with diamonds and rubies and some suspended Yacht-Master in the watch collection industry.

The serti dials versions are always created on the steel and gold models.

Blue Bezel Copy Rolex Submariner

When exploring the serti dial of Rolex, you will find the classic sertis Submariner watches are especially popular in secondary market. These unique dials are always appearing on the old Submariner Date model with gold and steel version. Such as the Oystersteel and gold bracelet copy Rolex Submariner. The diamonds paved on dial as hour markers decrease the boldness of the diving watch.

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