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Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.012 Replica With Steel Case

The first watch worn on the Moon by Buzz Aldrin was a Speedmaster Professional reference 105.012. So, it can’t be absent from this list. The 105.012 and 145.012 used to be the last generations of Speedmaster to have a caliber 321 movement. That changed in 2019 when Omega introduced its caliber 321 again. The 105.012 and 145.012 are the next big thing I believe when it comes to Speedmasters, as the previous “straight-lug” models have become incredibly costly.
The cheap Omega Speedmaster 105.012 copy watch was the first Speedmaster to have the “Professional” wording, which it received due to the new case shape, protecting the crown and pushers. It has nothing to do with NASA qualifying the Speedmaster for official use in space and for EVA, as the “Professional” wording was first used in 1964. I love the 105.012 with double bevel case back, used until 1966/1967 on the -65 references. The very last reference, 105.012-66 has no double bevel anymore on the case back and is the same as the 145.012 case back.
Omega Constellation Megaquartz 2400 196.0013 Fake With Steel Bracelet

Having a vintage Omega Speedmaster 125 in my private collection, I know a bit how this watch feels and wears, with its chunky bracelet. For me, the main driver for getting this watch at some point isn’t the clunky 1970s case or bracelet though, but the incredibly accurate movement and the aventurine dial. I am a sucker for aventurine dials and had serious hopes that Omega would bring it back by fitting it to the Constellation Globemaster.
I’ve been told by them that this is too difficult with a pie-pan dial and its facets. Anyway, the high quality copy Omega Constellation Megaquartz 2400 reference 196.0013 is high on my list ever since one of the guys here in the office building brought one with him to show it to me. It uses Omega caliber 1510, which is a megaquartz (2.4Mhz frequency) movement that has incredible accuracy. There has been a lot of nonsense written about these watches and their movements, but luckily a few collectors have set up this website that deals with that. Prices vary wildly, but the last ones I noticed got sold are around the €2,500–€3,000 mark. But I’ve also seen them offered for quite a lot more money.

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