The White Gold Case Tank De Cartier That Photoed By David Bailey

Cartier have a great idea, invited David Bailey photographed for a few celebrity friends wearing the famous stainless steel bracelet copy Tank de Cartier, and talk about the topic of time and watch. So he produced a set of beautiful works and interesting idea for a time.

Rupert Everett and steel case copy Tank de Cartier


For photography, David Bailey explained: “The film is very interesting. If you don’t take it too seriously, it is always interesting. It’s not just pictures, each attempting to arouse the people some of the features. It must have individual character, and also have their own point of view. They are all great! The white dial replica Cartier has been one of the best watches that is classic.”

Lucy Liu and wite dial copy Tank de Cartier

These photos not only beautiful but also the symble of these celebrities.

Alice Dellal and black leather strap copy Tank de Cartier

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