The two luxury replica Rolex and Breitling trends that defined 2020

By fair measure, this could be viewed as the worst year on record for the Swiss fake watch industry. After all, exports are down by 25 per cent, the worst decline in 80 years. But given that factories were closed and production halted for three months, that’s easily explained. Meanwhile, and despite the pandemic, most – but not all – brands in Switzerland have carried on with the sort of pluck that gets a good report round these parts, and hundreds of new designs have been introduced. That’s kept the market interesting, and buyers interested in the market, so sales have bounced back. So what have we been buying? Here are six trends that defined this year in luxury replica watches…

It used to be that in a sea of black and white, a run of blue dials would raise an eyebrow. But as this year has confirmed, dials are now coming through in Technicolor. Even Rolex is in on the act, pushing its new line of cheap fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual with red, yellow and turquoise backdrops. Vacheron Constantin’s delicious Fiftysix Self-Winding in pink gold with a chocolate dial and strap showed even watchmaking’s grandes dames have got the brief.

There are views on all sides as to why, but there’s no question luxury watches have become more expensive in recent years. No luxury brand likes to make a song about coming in lower, but some brands have responded by introducing new designs with friendlier price tags. Simultaneously, the rise of the new entry-level mechanical watch brand continues. The high quality fake Breitling Professional Endurance Pro may be quartz, but it’s the most Breitling you can get for you buck. Meanwhile, the likes of Baltic, March LA.B and the newly christened Oscar Fenston all offered us handsome, well-made mechanicals for under £500.

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