Omega Constellation Fake Watches With Yellow Gold Cases Recommended For Ladies

Omega Constellation copy watches with white dials are driven by Cal. 8705, self-winding mechanical movements with co-axial escapements. The Swiss movements are tested by METAS and can resist strong magnetic fields to 15,000 gauss. Their free-sprung balances are carried with silicon hairsprings. The Swiss movements have 18K Sedna gold rotors and plates. The power reserve is 50 hours.

The whole watch body is made of 18k yellow gold and the white dials are made of mother of pearls. The dials are very luxury because their hour markers are made up of yellow gold settings and shiny diamonds. The yellow gold hour and minute hands are covered with white luminescence. Besides, there is a small sub-dial with four markers used for small seconds. And a small date indicator set at 6 o’clock. And their diamond bezels add more feminine charm to the whole image.

Their scratch-resistant sapphire glasses can offer a full protection to the delicate dials. What’s more, Omega replica watches with Swiss automatic movements have good waterproofness. Their magnificent appearances are attractive to elegant ladies. And the practical functions are enough for daily activities.

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