Chocolate Dial Replica Tudor Heritage Advisor Watches

The copy Tudor Heritage Advisor watches have interpreted the replica Tudor watches which had been launched in 1957. The latest copy red second hand Tudor watches have followed many features of the original one, including shape and scale of watchcase, the watch ear, the glass mirror, the crown princess pointer, the cant hour markers, and the red ring pointer. The titanium watchcase provides the best ring tone and the is size from 34 mm to 2 mm, in order to meet the modern taste.


chocolate leather strap copy Tudor Heritage Advisor

The dial design of the fake chocolate leather strap Tudor Heritage Advisor watch is exquisite that have at least five distinct characteristics. The dial uses a variety of decorative motifs and different effect against each other that build a rich level and charming light refraction effect.

chocolate dial copy Tudor Heritage Advisor

The movement of the replica stainless steel bracelet Tudor Heritage equipped with the additional ringing alarm function that used mechanical components. This component is developed by the fake Tudor and the sound crisp uniform that is perfect. The ring reserve dial is located in the 3 o ‘clock position and at 9 o ‘clock position there is a switch shows and controled by the button that is in 6 o ‘clock position.

stainless steel copy Tudor Heritage Advisor

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