Cheap Fake Breitling Superocean ref. 83110 Watches For Sale Online

The last pick on this list is a watch that will definitely raise an eyebrow or two for those not familiar with fake Breitling in the 1980s. Ernest Schneider focused heavily on pilot’s watches when he took over Swiss replica Breitling. But he also wanted to create a brand for adventurers and explorers. As a result, a number of dive luxury fake watches were added to the lineup. The most recognizable (and divisive) is, without a doubt, the copy Breitling Éric Tabarly collection. It combined the story of the famous French Navy officer and yachtsman Éric Tabarly with a great deal of 1980s camp. In 1983-84 a large part of the best quality replica Breitling collection consisted of Tabarly-related models. Some of them even introduced the famous UTC-module before it was used for the Chronomat and the Aerospace. Definitely check out those models if you like a typical 1980s style line of replica watches for sale.

However, for my pick, I decided to go with another remarkable watch. As a part of super clone Breitling’s “Superocean” line, the Superocean ref. 83110 was Breitling’s top-of-the-line, quartz dive watch. As you will see from the pictures, this Breitling Superocean ref. 83110 replica for men shares its looks with a well-known dive watch from the two decades prior to its release. It’s basically a straight-up Breitling copy of the famous Doxa Sub 300T. The watch was part of the 1:1 fake Breitling collection in the early 1980s and featured a chunky 44mm stainless steel case. The case design is unmistakably “inspired’ by the Doxa case designs from the late ’60s and ’70s. The no-deco scale bezel you see pictured looks just like the famous patented Doxa bezel. For the top fake Breitling ref. 83110, the outer ring of the bezel used to be white with contrasting orange printing.

A highly valuable and rare watch
The Doxa references don’t stop at the case design and the bezel. The stainless steel bracelet is also a copy of the Doxa divers’. The similarities are further emphasized by the fact that the dial of the best quality fake Breitling Superocean ref. 83110 features the text “Professional, 300T, Quartz” on the lower half of the dial. People can also refer to the watch as the “300T”. Funnily enough, the watch used for the pictures in the Breitling catalog did not have the “300T” text on the dial. Another quirky detail of this weird early 1980s cheap fake Breitling. However, don’t be fooled, despite the heavily inspired looks of this model, people certainly don’t just chalk it down as a simple Doxa clone.

As most of you will know, the watch world’s anomalies are often the most sought-after and highly valued. This is exactly the case with the aaa quality fake Breitling ref. 83110. These watches are tough to come by, as they are super rare. But once you do, expect to pay roughly between 3K and 3,5K for one. That’s a lot of money for what is essentially a blatant Doxa rip-off with a third-party quartz movement. But rather than thinking of its value, I like to think of how it represents the early beginnings of the Schneider era. Though not the most popular amongst high quality copy Breitling enthusiasts, it doesn’t mean that we should forget about it either. Because in the 1980s, Swiss made replica Breitling turned out to be a key player in the revival of mechanical copy watches. And that’s something that we can all thank Ernest Schneider for greatly.

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