Anthony Joshua Once Sparred Tyson Fury For A Swiss Luxury Fake Rolex Watch

Anthony Joshua once sparred Tyson Fury over a high quality fake Rolex watch back in 2010.
The pair have just agreed a lucrative two-fight deal for one of the biggest bouts in the history of heavyweight boxing, with the on the line.

An all British showdown between the two has been inevitable for quite some time now and though no exact date or location has been disclosed as of yet, the contracts have been signed according to Matchroom chief Eddie Hearn.
But it wasn’t be an entirely new experience for either Joshua or Fury as they have locked horns once before.

Joshua was just 20 years of age and still an amateur fighter at the time when Fury rocked up and gave quite the ultimatum.

After getting his head-guard and gum-shield, a rookie Joshua stepped into the ring with ‘The Gypsy King’.
Having been caught with an uppercut inside the squared circle, Fury has gone on record to admit he “got a beating” and tipped ‘AJ’ to become a world champion one day.
Speaking to the London Evening Standard, Joshua recalled: “He knows what’s coming. All I wanted was his Swiss movement fake Rolex watch (because) he said before that spar, ‘If you can beat me up or knock me out, you can have my Rolex.’ It was a good spar, and I didn’t really know too much.
“It was just passion. Now I have some boxing IQ and passion, I know it will be a great fight.
“I was hungry then, and I’m even hungrier now. There was a best quality copy Rolex [on offer then] but now there is an even bigger pot of gold at the end of this rainbow and I want to take his head off his shoulders when that fight happens. I’m sure that I’ll win.”

Joshua didn’t get the cheap copy Rolex but his success inside the ring has meant the world champions has been able to treat himself to a fair few expensive watches.

But 11 years on from that spar, the stakes are much higher. That pot of gold Joshua talked about comes in the form of a £100 million purse, which is the reported amount both are set to earn from the series.
The first encounter, slated to be in June or July, is set to be a 50-50 split, with the rematch split 60-40 in favour of the victor.

The winner of Joshua-Fury will crown the first undisputed heavyweight champion since Lennox Lewis in 1999.

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