1968 1:1 Quality Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Ref. 145.012-67 SP

Surprisingly, the cheap fake Omega Speedmaster Professional was a watch I was not overly familiar with before 2015. At the time I knew my grandpa always wore one and would say things like “this watch went to the Moon,” but I honestly didn’t look into it that much. In 2015 I was working at Christie’s when we had a thematic auction where we were going to auction 50 different Speedmasters.

After we put the sale together, a few of us would travel around the United States with the perfect replica watches to preview them. I had the pleasure of taking the watches to Miami, Dallas, and Los Angeles, so before the trip I asked my father if I could borrow the Swiss made copy Omega Speedmaster to wear (my grandpa had passed away by this time). I wanted to represent the sale, plus all the previews were in Omega boutiques, so I wanted to represent my own connection to the brand. That was my first time really wearing a Speedmaster for an extended period of time, and ever since, I’ve been bit by the Speedy bug.

Well that being said, when a nice Speedy comes in, I get the same feeling I had when I first realized how great a watch these are. The Omega Speedmaster super clone we are offering today is of the caliber 321 variety and checks all the boxes. It has the applied logo, the stepped dial, the teardrop central seconds hand, and last but not least, the dot over 90 (DON) bezel. All those things are great, but what makes this example even more enticing is how nicely it has aged and how well-taken care of it was. One thing I love about the steel case fake Omega Speedmaster is that it’s one of those watches you can recognize across a room, but you won’t necessarily know which reference it is and what details it has. With the re-introduction of the 321 caliber Speedmaster last year, I noticed the increased interest in the original 321s, and here’s a chance to get a great one.

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